• Bernard Lefebvre
    Hi Cloudberry team,

    After evaluating and using this product, may I suggest some ideas for improvements.

    1 - I know that your Linux driver is under development, but it would be nice to also have the possibility to use native snapshot functionalities of AWS, same as with a Windows machine. It is possible to achieve close to the same results with the EC2 Snapshot Management feature, but this feature lacks management of a retention period for snapshots, so snapshots will just accumulate and thus require manual clean-up or an external script.

    2 - Centrally managed backup plans under "Remote Deploy" only support "Backup files plan". It would be nice to extend this functionality to include image based plan and EC2 plan. Right now, these need to be managed on a per server basis. A central configuration / template would be really helpful.

    Thank you
  • Anton Zorin
    , thank you for your feedback!
    1. Have you tried EC2 Backup?

    2. We're working on image plans in Remote Deploy. No plans for adding EC2 instances backup to the Remote Deploy at the moment.

    Thank you,
  • David Gugick
    EC2 snapshot management is in the product now. To access from the MBS Console, go to Remote Management, locate the EC2 instance, click the Show Plans option in the Gear menu, click the PLUS button to add a new backup plan and select the EC2 Instance (New Wizard). You can back up desired volumes, set retention, and optionally create an AMI for faster restores.
  • Bernard Lefebvre
    Hi David, thank you for the reply. I know about this feature, but it only works for Windows instances. That option is not available for Linux machine, unless I missed something...

    This is why I then looked at the Snapshot Management feature, but his one does not manage retention. So from what I understand, for Linux, we are left with manual or script management.
  • Bernard Lefebvre
    Also, I did not find a way to restore individual files from a backup taken using the "EC2 Backup" method, even if I did checked the box to backup Metadata. That backup does not appear under the agent, neither on the Web interface. Could you please indicate the procedure to follow?

    Thank you
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