• AZEqualizer
    Will you be implementing remote key commands in a future release of the product - these can be critical especially when working on an unattended computer
  • MSP360
    Which key commands in particular? More than Ctrl+Alt+Del?
  • AZEqualizer
    In other remote programs I can send any key combination I want to the remote desktop. This would be the ideal as there are many ways to do all sorts of things in a Windows environment with Key combos.

    There are so many shortcut key combos that are really helpful to use when there is a problem on a unattended access computer that the ability to send any key combo would be extremely helpful. (or for that matter a computer that is being used by a novice user). Or if you are assisting someone with Virtual desktops. And if you are working in a DOS box Ctrl C & Ctrl V is almost an necessity when doing long complicated commands.

    I often use flag key combo commands as some of the people in my group can have lots of things launched or hidden taskbars that don't want to pop up unless I use the flag key. And as you mentioned Ctrl+Alt+Del.

    Sending key combinations could even be a selectable feature. But if I am given full control I can't think of a reason I would not want to be able to send key commands. And if I am away from my primary computer and need to do something on it remotely -Not being limited to preconfigured key commands would be most helpful
  • MSP360
    Got it! Thanks for the details, I'll add this request to our feature tracker (but can't commit to a release time frame)
  • MSP360
    I just checked our tracking system and we do have this in the works. Here's how it will work...

    KC=key combination

    There are 3 options to select from: always send KC; never send KC; send KC only in fullscreen mode (default).

    These options will be placed on the "Connection" page of "Options" window. If the user changes the option prior to use of KC in connection window, that's all that he will see.

    In other case the first KC pressed in full control mode causes the appearance of a configuration dialog, no matter if the fullscreen mode is active or not.
  • MSP360
    Check out the latest update to Remote Assistant. Shortcut keys now supported in full screen and non-full screen. Release notes here: https://forum.cloudberrylab.com/discussion/161/cloudberry-remote-assistant-1-6-2-release-notes/p1
  • webroot safe
    can i use this remote assistant service on my websites. Most of my websites are on technical support niche. If it is free to use on my websites then first of all i am going to check it on my website www.webroot.com/safe | INSTALL WEBROOT like snap
    Please let me know if i can use it on my this website . The link is mentioned above
  • HarryB
    Sure, you're most certainly welcome to! CloudBerry Remote Assistant may be freely implemented in any environment.
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