• Julie McGuire
    I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post this question in. I am new to Cloudberry and want to see if there are any potential solutions to my questions.

    Background: A vendor that my employer works with uses Cloudberry to copy a SQL Server database back-up to our company's Microsoft Azure storage blob each day. The users of this file are currently downloading the file manually each day using cloudberry explorer. We are not able to use file directly because it is encrypted using Cloudberry's software. Then restoring the file to SQL Server and creating various reports based on it.

    I have been asked to create an automated process that will download the file, restore the file to SQL Server, generate reports based on it. I have created the majority of the process but I am stuck on the download and decrypt step and have not been able to find anything information on how this can be accomplished using Cloudberry. My questions based on the information above.

    Is there Cloudberry product, script, utility, process that can be used to do any of the following

    1) Automatically decrypt the file in the existing location at a specific time.
    2) Schedule an automated decrypt and download to a different location.
    3) Trigger the file to decrypt and download when our processes run.

    Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
  • Matt
    You can use scheduled restore plans in the backup software to do that.
    Simply install it on the machine where you want the files to be restored, add the same backup destination as on the backup machine and select the same backup prefix.

    1. Select Save restore plan option during the plan creation

    2. SelectLatest Version as your restore point

    3. On the database selection screen specify what needs to be restored

    4. On the destination step specify if you want to only restore new files or maybe if you need to overwrite some of the old data.

    5. Specify encryption pass at the encryption options screen.

    6. Finally, specify schedule for your backups and tick the "Synchronize repository before restore"

    Save the changes and then your plan will run automatically by schedule. Note that synchronization procedure will make the plan run a little bit longer, but everything will be performed automatically.
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