• marco Stanzani
    I am trying remote assistant which is great overall
    One question: is it suppose to work if the remote PC connection is through a VPN?
    I cannot find a statement about this in the site

    Thanks much
  • Sergey N
    Hello Marco,

    The VPN connection should be initiated by the software or the machine is already connected via VPN? If it is variant number 1 - the answer would be no, if it is variant number 2 - there should be no issues, just checked it on my personal machine. Let me know if I missed something, thank you.
  • GeorginaJack
    The sort of VPN connection, how the VPN and the remote PC are configured, and the application you're using to connect all affect whether a remote PC connection via a VPN functions.

    With the help of a VPN, you can securely tunnel data between your device and the distant network, encrypting it and giving the impression that it is coming from there. This implies that you ought to have the same level of access to the remote network's resources as if you were physically linked to it, including other PCs.

    But there are a few things that might stop it from functioning:

    - Split tunneling, a feature of certain VPNs like PureVPN and NordVPN, lets you control which traffic passes through the VPN and which doesn't. You will not be able to connect if split tunneling is enabled and the remote PC connection is not routed through the VPN.

    - It's possible that the remote PC's firewall is preventing inbound connections from the VPN IP address. The firewall must be set up to accept connections from the VPN subnet.

    - The remote PC can be set up to only accept connections from particular networks or IP addresses. It is necessary to confirm that the VPN IP address is permitted.

    - You won't be able to access the remote PC if the VPN connection times out. In the VPN settings, consider extending the connection timeout.

    You should be able to connect via a VPN to your remote PC and access all the necessary resources if you follow these instructions.
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