• Jonny
    Cloudberry gave us an error that a database or disk is full. I ran WinDirStat and the largest file was a 10GB file created by Cloudberry called OnlineBackup. I did some checking and found that cloudberry used to make a very large lookup file in the versions before 5.1.7 and that versions 5.1.9 and upward no longer do that. We're running version so we should be good but Cloudberry still makes that large file. Is there any way to change it so that cloudberry doesn't make that file? Or even change the place where it puts the file because ther is a 3.5 TB partition we could use but it's using the root drive instead.
  • Matt
    I presume you're referring to cbbackup.db file, which is our repository database that contains info about the data you've uploaded to the cloud. The size of the file depends on the number of files transferred, so in case of millions or tens of millions of files such size is pretty normal.

    You can change the location of the repository via tools > options > repository. Make sure you run the software as admin when doing that.
  • Jonny
    Thanks, Matt, yes that's the file I was talking about. I was able to change the location Cloudberry was saving it to, and it seems to have no more trouble. Thanks again for your help.
  • RoeeLevi
    Hey, sorry if I'm posting into a very old case.
    I'm trying to change the repository as Matt suggested via tools > options > repository.
    When I click the browse button and select the new folder for repository, a command line windows appears and then disappears... but the destination folder is not changed. It stays with the old repository folder.
    Any ideas?
  • David Gugick
    Are you not getting the Windows UAC prompt after you select the new folder? A UAC prompt should come up asking for elevated permission to change the folder. If it's not coming up, have you disabled UAC in Windows?

    The other option for you is to open an elevated Command Prompt (type CMD in Start Menu and right-click the Command Prompt entry and select Run as Administrator). Then type in the following:
    cbb option -repositoryLocation PathToFolder
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