• Jeroen Hoof

    I've noticed that when ending a remote connection on the client-side, the program returns to the GUI even if the <AllowGUi> param is set to false. This is illogical behaviour that is unwanted for us. Is there any way around this? We do not want clients to have access to the GUI.

    Kind regards
  • Sergey N
    A bit of clarification is it happening in Managed Remote Assistant or usual one?
  • David Gugick
    There is no need to run the UI on the remote side. When I tested, the UI remains closed after disconnecting. I tested this using the Unattended Access option. The RA Service established the connection, paused the currently logged in user, allowed remote access, and when I disconnected, the RA client was not visible after logging back in.

    I can only assume you are using a different configuration, so please detail all settings on the side of the computer you are looking to control. And before testing, make sure to restart the Remote Assistant Service as that may be required to get all settings read properly.
  • Jeroen Hoof
    It is actually happening on both (tried both versions of the software)

    It's the 'client' that we don't want the UI opening. So the computer that initiates the connection, when closing it, the UI opens. We want to prevent this because we don't want the client's laptop to be able to accept incoming connetions. In a previous post, i've posted the issue that blocking incoming connections (either through the xml file or in the managed remote assistant) doesn't work as expected.

    So our current setup: server side with UI allowed and remote access enabled
    Client side with CLI access enabled, Config disabled, UI disabled, incoming connections disabled. When client makes a connection to server using a CLI script, all goes fine. When closing the connection, the UI opens op. When viewing the incoming connections tab, it says the connections are disabled. However, when clicking on said icon, the option page still opens op.

    We've found a manual fix by writing a script that runs in the background and checks for the MainWindowTitle property of the Remote Assistant process (it differs on the main UI and when connecting to a remote server, thus being able to check when UI opens op and close it again). Still extremely excited about your product, but this does seem like a bug. I realize that what we're trying to do is counterintuitive, but our security policies demand it
  • Sergey N
    Hello Jeroen,

    Thank you for the info provided. I have already passed it to our R&D team and we will fix this incorrect behaviour.
  • Jeroen Hoof
    Hey Sergey
    Thanks for your feedback, i'm looking forward to it! Meanwhile we fixed it by writing a little extra script of our own to monitor if the GUI started and close it again :-)

    It's really nice to see there is so much commitment to following up on the user issues!
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