• Jerry
    Can anyone here help with this?

    I am trying to test a bare metal restore from my CBB for Windows image backup. I am trying to restore it to a hyper-v VM, but I get the following error: "Failed to convert the virtual disk. The system failed to convert "F:\MyVMDrive|MyVMDrive.vhdx". I am new to VM's so I am probably missing something.

    Here are the steps I've followed:
    1. In CBB for Windows (current version) I created an image backup with "Backup only system required partitions" selected. When I browse the backed up files it looks correct to me.
    2. I restored the backup to a vhdx drive in a folder on my PC.
    3. On my PC (Windows 10 Pro ) I attempted to use "Hyper-V Quick Create" to create a VM using the vhdx in step 2.
    4. After processing 20 minutes or so, I get the error that it failed to convert the vhdx.

    I am grateful for any ideas on where I may have erred.
  • Jerry
    @David Gugick, I followed the instructions in the blog post for creating a vhdx. The only difference is Windows 10 Hyper V Quick Create doesn't now give an option for generation 1 or generation 2. I assume that has changed since the blog article was written in 2005. At any rate, I ran Hyper V Quick Create twice again and it failed at about the 25% completion mark. Is there a way to test the integrity of the vhdx?

    In the meantime, I plan to do another CBB restore, with vhd instead of vhdx and see if that makes any difference.
  • David Gugick
    I think Support will need to see the logs. Please open a Support case from the Tools - Diagnostic toolbar option and mention this post in the submission. If I dig anything else up, I'll reply here.
  • Jerry
    Will do. The vhd version just failed at 33% complete.
  • Jerry
    @David Gugick, Support got up with me quickly with exactly what I needed. In case others run into the same problem, here is what I did differently: Instead of using the Hyper-V Quick Create, I used the Hyper-V Manager to create the VM, and THEN connected to the vhd. I am now confident I can depend on CBB for a bare metal restore should I ever need it.
  • David Gugick
    Thanks for the update!
  • Karson
    I expect that has modified because the weblog article was once written in 2005. At any rate, I ran Hyper V Quick Create twice once more and it failed at about the 25% completion mark. Is there a way to take a look at the integrity of the vhd
  • BackupFan
    We too would like to test bare metal restore using Hyper-V on PC.

    It looks like this blog was has a lot of helpful information in it on this topic:

    Is anyone using this feature actively or testing it on a regular basis to weigh in on how reliable it is? Does anyone have any tips or suggestions that they could share which are not found in the blog article?
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