• Spires
    As a creative professional, there are times I need to remote in to the editor systems at the office to make certain adjustments to a project for export. The Adobe applications, specifically Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Premiere, exhibit blank screens or flashing content when viewing an image or video timeline. It should be reproducible: remote in to a computer with Adobe Photoshop and open an image. My system is running dual nVidia 1080Ti cards in SLi configuration for a spanned desktop across 3 screens.

    Let me be clear, I am not looking to stream video or anything like that; just need to be able to see the static image that is opened in Photoshop or the frame that the jog cursor is at on a timeline in Premiere.

    I'm curious to know if others have seen this issue as I'm sure I'm not the only creative professional using the Remote Desktop. While this could be application specific, I suspect the issue takes place with other applications that utilize the GPU or other graphics rendering. Other remote apps I have used have never exhibited this sort of issue, so my hope would be that MSP360 would want to investigate or provide a known fix. Thank you!
  • David Gugick
    I saw someone write this in a post with the same issue. I can't say if it will work for you.

    "[On my system] it was the display port cable or the actual port. Somehow when the monitor is in screensaver mode or powered off, the signal from the GPU doesn't render the images to the monitor in Premier Pro. So I switched to an hdmi cable and the thing works even if monitor is off."

    You might try keeping the monitor from sleeping first before resorting to cable swaps.
  • Spires
    Interesting. The monitors are usually off, if I'm remote into the system. I'll check that out, but as for swapping the connection, I'm unable to run HDMI to the screens as they are all DVI-I.
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