• Justin Ploof
    We have a mixture of licenses with hyper-v hosts and bare metal servers. We're running the old backup format (non-gfs) on all of our servers.

    Currently, our test restore process is very hands-on. Every 6 months we renew all of our trial licenses with our MSP360 rep, log in to our test server with each client's credentials one at a time, run a full restore, take screenshots of the desktop for evidence, and finally delete the files from the test server.

    We would like to automate our test restorations. I've played around with the restore verification a little bit. There's a driver bug that prevents you from logging in as multiple users on the same computer so that rules out test verification on our test server. Plus, renewing trial licenses seems like we're using a clumsy process. I've also seen that we can run the test restore on our clients' servers, but these are domain controllers so I'd rather not use any resources on their production machines.

    Is it possible to automate test restores on a recurring basis? If so, how do you do this and what are the best practices?
  • Alexander Negrash
    Hi Justin, have you reported the driver bug that you see with the restore verification feature to our tech support? Product-wise we're likely to go with fixing and improving our new built-in restore verification feature.
  • Justin Ploof
    I created a ticket in January. Case # 00132905.
  • Alexander Negrash
    Hi Justin, I can see that the virtual disk driver issue has been address in v 7.5. Have you tested?
  • BackupFan
    Justin, would be curious how your testing goes. Is it possible that you may do this with the New Format backups and with Restore Verification? We are running this on one machine but have not gone further than to view the Restore Verification daily backup email screen shot and once in a while manually doing a test restore to virtual machine. Although we have only done limited testing so far things seem to be working.
  • Justin Ploof
    Alexander, we haven't tested it yet but I'm glad it may be working now.

    My root question here is about test restoration best practices. I don't feel like my clumsy process of using a test server, renewing trial licenses, and manually logging in with each client is the best way to do test restores.

    I'd like advice on automating test restorations. Are there any guides or articles for automating test restores with MSP360, or am I doing it the correct way already?
  • David Gugick
    Are you sticking with the legacy format or do you plan to move to the new backup format? If new backup format, you can use Restore Verification if what you're after is image restore verification. If you want to test a file-level restore from a VM or Image, then you can set up a scheduled restore that restores a single common Windows file.

    Or, as an alternative, or for file-level backups, you can create a dummy file in the same location on every computer and make sure it's backed up . That way you can test restores if you need by restoring this dummy file.

    But I have not run into any customers doing this. I've probably asked before, but what is your major concern? Is it image/VM backup with a broken incremental chain, a corrupted backup file, something else? Is it only for image/VM or are you concerned about file backups too?

    Also, the new backup format performs backup consistency checks every backup to ensure the backup sets are in backup storage and they are the correct ones. That's an additional check that is not performed by the legacy format. In cases, where you have a full backup and chained incremental backups, the new backup format avoids backup set integrity issues (like a missing incremental) by performing this check and escalating to a new full backup if it detects an issue.
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