• James Becher
    I am new to MSP 360 and to be honest new to cloud backups. As a rule all my customers back up to removable USB drives and rotate them daily taking the most recent off site. So I am making an effort to convert them to hourly local to a USB drive and nightly to the cloud. The cloud is causing issues. Basically the cloud backup could take longer then a day which would keep the hourly from running until the cloud is finished. The initial cloud full could take days which means they have no backups for days until the cloud finishes. Is that acceptable? I wrote two image backup plans. One incremental that is hourly to the USB drive from 6am to 6pm The second also incremental but to the cloud and only once a night at 7pm so the USB should be done by then. How are others handling this?
  • Steve Putnam
    Everyone’s requirements and preferences are different, but I can share with you what we do for clients with slow upstream connection speed ( anything under 15mbps).
    We send nightly legacy-format file backups to the local hard drive, and also to Amazon (ZIA).
    We keep the local file backups for a year and the cloud backups for three months.
    We also do weekly new format Image or VHDx backups, using the synthetic full feature which speeds up the weekly backup considerably. Once you complete the first full backup, the subsequent synthetic fulls take 1/6 the time on average.
    Wasabi, BackBlaze and Amazon support synthetic fulls.
    We do legacy format local image/VHDx backups to the USB drive, a full each week or month, and incrementals each night.
    We also do a separate local file backup and call it “recent files”. This runs every couple of hours during the workday to provide intra-day recovery, but we only keep these files for a month or so.
    New backup format is the way to go for all cloud Image or VHDx backups, but for everything else, we use the legacy format as it utilizes far less space in the cloud.
    Hope this helps.
  • WSpeed
    Great feedback.
    I opened a couple of forum threads to try to figure out a proper way to use the new backup format, but I guess that's the way to go as well.
    Thanks Steve.
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