• Anton Zorin
    We're happy to share that we have released a minor update several days ago:

    What's new:
    - Performance improvements
    5198 Download invoice

    - Security:
    4667 We have found that between 2 servers passwords are being passed using HTTP -- fixed!

    Including major fixes:
    5026 B2: Something has gone wrong when browsing the backup through Online Access
    5110 Something went wrong when trying to add a user from Autotask
    4100 Scheduled reports failure
    4856 Error while deleting User from Azure Cloud Storage
    5062 Hide Cloudberry footer on Bindings page when there should be no rebranding
    4939 MBS API: unexpected behaviour when api credentials were removed/changed
    3169 Disk usage bug
    4522 GET API Profiveders: The requested resource does not support http method 'GET'
    4531 Once the provider is disabled it's not possible to enable it back via reseller API
    4850 Connectwise: Changes have been saved except for companies that don't have agreements:
    4992 Warning "Json is null" after 4.2 release
    5024 G-suite backup -> Add backup destination - Cannot choose not the first bucket.
    5065 Monitoring, export to CSV
    5075 Downloads page texts overlap
    5090 RMM - computer sidepanel - plans list - Object reference is not set
    5097 RMM Sidepanel backup agent uptime NaN
    5101 "Downloads" issues if an admin has not "Manage Rebranding" permission
    5110 Something went wrong when trying to add a user from Autotask
    5113 Menu for create plan in plans for PC is transparent
    5153 Unhandled exception by click on "Transactions"
    5179 Online Access: Something has gone wrong when listing Centraly Managed File System account
    5208 Remote Deploy history does not work
    5036 Assigning companies to a specific administrator: list companies in alphabetical order

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