• Tylan
    I'm very interested in Synthetic Full Backup. Especially for a hybrid job (I know this isn't available anywhere yet). I see that image based synthetic full is available for S3 & Wasabi. I currently use B2. I remember when I first started with CBB someone told me that features are designed for & built on S3 first, and then they roll them out to other providers. I'm sure B2 will get this feature in the future. I think when I first started B2 did not have block level backups, but obviously they do now.

    So my question is... Is there a list/matrix of features vs providers somewhere? I feel like AWS had some other features like encrypting file names that I don't have with B2.

    Secondly, I saw that Wasabi advertises they use and S3 compliant interface. I take it that this would give them future features at the same time as S3.

    I'm happy with B2, but Wasabi seems very close... But if Wasabi has an advantage by not using a proprietary interface that seems like that would put them at the top of the list right below S3.
  • Matt
    Well, all of the enterprise-level cloud storage providers are basically the same in that regard, so we don't see any point in making a comprehensive list of such features. It's not really beneficial for cloud storage providers to be radically different from each other.
    The closest that we have is this table: https://help.cloudberrylab.com/cloudberry-backup/backup-destinations/feature-comparison

    Currently only S3 and Wasabi are a little bit different, since they support synthetic backups.

    As for Wasabi vs B2 question: a lot of our customers are moving on from B2 in favor of Wasabi. The main problem with B2 is API limitations and (sometimes)upload speed.
  • Tylan
    That chart is pretty cool. I guess I thought that S3 had more features than the other providers. Maybe it's just that B2 was behind feature-wise in the past.

    Will synthetic backup be coming to B2 or other providers?

    Does Wasabi have an advantage over other providers by using the S3 (non-proprietary) API? Or maybe the better question is... Is it likely that using the S3 API give them new features faster? I say this because right now S3 & Wasabi are the only providers that have this new feature.

    To me it looks like they have an advantage over the competition. I'm thinking I might have to setup a Wasabi account.
  • Matt
    B2 and Azure are next on the list for synthetic backup, but I don't have any info on the release date right now.

    Regarding Wasabi: yes, universal S3-compatible API is actually its main advantage. Our software was designed around S3, so naturally it works very well with S3-compatible cloud storage providers.
  • Tylan
    OK, that's what I thought when I looked at it. You guys build for S3 first. Wasabi seems to put the S3 compatibility on their website a few places. I figured that had to be a good thing for us as end users / MSPs.

    Is it correct that right now the only synthetic backup is for image based full backup. Nothing for Hybrid or Hyper-V, correct? I think I read that was on the radar for CBB v6.
  • Matt
    Correct, Hybrid and VM synthetic backups should be implemented soon. VMs should be the first, I believe.
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