• Mark Hamblin
    I have added the following,..

    to /opt/local/CloudBerry Backup/bin/cbbGUI launch script (as a new line)

    And all seems to work well however,.. I would Like to be able to resize the window as well, is this possible please, So it does not take up the whole ( Majority ) window area
  • Gleb
    Hi .
    There's a minimal window size - the window cannot be made smaller than that - which you apparently have reached.
    Maybe you'd have a better experience with the web interface? See the screenshot in this Help article, it explains how to set it up. The authentication is by Linux user.

    Please let me know whether this works for you or not
  • Mark

    Hey Gleb,

    Somehow I received an email notification saying:

    Hello Mark,
    Gleb replied to you in "Can I resize a Linux Ubuntu Window":
    The CloudBerry Team

    Not sure why but this is the second time now.

  • Gleb
    , that's probably because you've made this post as the user Mark Hamblin but now are writing on behalf of Mark (see the URL addresses)
  • Mark

    I'll wait for Mark Hamblin to speak for himself, but I can assure you, I only have one account on the forums. And I am not using CB with Linux, although I do like and use both separately.
  • Gleb

    Uh oh... My bad then.
    I'll check this with someone from CloudBerry to find out what could cause this.

    Please make sure you have not Starred this thread (I assume not but just in case)
  • Mark Hamblin
    Gleb,.. Many tx for responding,...
    Curious,.. I did not receive a notification,.. it would seem 'Mark' received my email for some reason,.. my notifications in setting 'appear' to be correct and my email is correct,.. something is 'funny' with the forum notifications I suspect. ( there maybe security issues,.. I don't know ).
    Anyway,.. your actual response,.. I have found the web page stuff,.. although I would have preferred to use the application window,.. which does seem to waste a lot of screen real-estate,.. and changing to a web interface is not ideal,..
    Is there an outlook to 'fix' this use/waste of screen area... one thing that is putting me off purchasing is there seems, ( I am more than happy to be corrected ) not to be a plan of what is being / going to be fixed,.. is this on git-hub? a development plan if you like,.. yes I know they change,. they are always evolving,.. but they are at least a start point,.. or something similar?
    Having said my piece,.. I do appreciate your response.. many tx
  • Gleb
    @Mark Hamblin
    We do not publish a full list of features/tasks for the product development - it changes quite frequently so to keep it up to date would be a huge work; plus we really want to avoid giving misleading promises to our customers.

    However, sometimes we make threads like this one where we publish the biggest and/or most important things on our list and invite customers to comment on this.

    I believe a schedule for such announcements is in order - I'll discuss it with the team
  • Mark Hamblin
    Appreciate your comments re 'plan',.. but I would have thought with any project of this complexity you must have some sort of plan so that everyone in the development side knows where you are aiming for,.. Yes I really do know plans can change,.. as issues (bugs), important customer features are found/required in the field,.. but that's the nature of programming and product development.

    Yes, the link,.. that's useful info Gleb,.. but can you PM me as again,.. I did not receive a notification of an update on this thread,.. Something is wrong with the notification side of things,.. as when I last checked my PM data was correct.

    Many tx
    Mark,.. with an H
  • Gleb
    PMed you. We could continue here or there - as you prefer
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