• Alex

    We continue working on the improvements, fixing and feature implementation.

    Earlier today we released MBS version 4.2.2. Below you can find the list of what has been done (a lot of interesting things for those who use the ConnecWise integration with Cloudberry):

    • Remote Management: Search in the dropdown menu when editing accounts
    • ConnectWise: Ability to select products without a restriction
    • ConnectWise Integration: Open new tickets instead of reopening closed ones
    • Finland Region in Google Cloud Platform support

    • Monitoring: Add Last Success status
    • Delete User computers data - interface enhancement
    • "Downloads" side panel - improved work in IE 11
    • ConnectWise: Pass the value of storage used in GB even after hitting the 1TB threshold
    • Delete users data dialog: some improvements
    • Remote Management: Legacy plan list page is incorrect for offline computers
    • ConnectWise Contacts search by email is searching only with full email
    • ConnectWise: If several tickets created from the same failed plan they can't be closed automatically
    • ConnectWise Manage -> Contacts page -> pressing Enter should return Search results
    • ConnectWise: Correct success result message when creating a test ticket for contact with equal status
    • Add/Edit Administrator: permissions -> add company -> added search functionality
    • Make an email validation case insensitive

    • ConnectWise Integration: Fails to Create a Ticket
    • SHARE IT: multiple purchase emails
    • Connectwise: if the description is longer than 100 symbols (ConnectWise description field limit) ticket is not created (and logs do not contain informative error)
    • Changing plan in MBS results in an error
    • ConnectWise Billing: Can't Send billing now for companies with the agreement
    • ConnectWise Manage -> Tickets -> Selected option "Ticket is created each time for the same plan" is not saved
    • Correct error message when you click Check Member Permissions on Connectwise Authentication page
    • File-Level backup plan: "Use system VSS provider " stays grayed-out, when enabling 'Block level backup'
    • ConnectWise Manage doesn't send an email on contacts import

    Do not forget that you also can find our Release Notes on "What's New" section on your dashboard in the console.

    Stay tuned! We have more updates coming soon.
  • Joshua Cline
    "ConnectWise Integration: Open new tickets instead of reopening closed ones"

    How do I enable this setting? Cloud berry still appears to be reopening closed tickets. I would like Cloudberry to update open tickets if one already exists for the backup job but not open and update a closed ticket.
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