• Renato
    When a file is uploaded to S3 Bucket through any way but local windows explorer, it's not updated in the CloudBerry Drive till I refresh the screen.

    Watching the same S3 Bucket through CloudBerry explorer installed in the local machine, the same issue appears. So, if I upload a file through CloudBerry Explorer, the windows explorer is not updated (by CloudBerry Drive) and if I upload a file through any other way CloudBerry Explorer and Drive are not updated. Both are updated only if I refresh manually.

    I've monitored the SMB messages and it didn't show up any message of file created (or deleted) if I don't use the local Windows Explorer to perform any change (no matter if copy, delete or modify). It may explain the lack of updated information about the file list.

    I've tested uploading the file from another computer to S3 Bucket and then literally I had no clue in my local computer about a new file in the S3 Bucket.

    I can see it in the CloudBerry Drive Counters and Queue if I use the Windows Explorer to upload the files (or delete), but if I use CloudBerry Explorer, nothing appears on both. Any way, I don't want to keep the counter and queue opened all the time.

    I've tested it with and without file cache enabled, as well as a network folder or a removable folder. Both don't update automatically.

    Is there any way of doing SMB messages work?
  • Corey Smith
    I have a similar issue and has been validated by my engineers. We have to restart file monitor workloads to pick up changes as the notifications never hit the queue of the listener for processing of new files.:sad:
  • Anton T
    This is a known issue and we already have a feature request to our R&D team to implement the auto-refresh for scenarios like this. Unfortunately, there is no viable solution or workaround we can provide at this time. Generally, CloudBerry Drive is positioned as a simple tool that allows you to easily mount your cloud storage and access it locally via Windows Explorer in the same manner regular users access simple Windows folders and any other configurations that imply more complicated scenarios usually aren't considered intended and may not be fully compatible with this solution by design.

    We've logged your request in the associated internal task and we will see what we can do about this in the future, however, at the moment, we cannot provide any ETA for any improvements on this matter.
  • Corey Smith
    Thanks for the reply Anton. This is pretty disapointing to be honest that smb notifications as part of the spec were not implemented in drive.

    Sounds like we will have to pursue another product to support our needs. This is a major bummer as I personally been a fan of your products over the last ten years or more. Drive works great but hindering our file processing with smb notifications not working.

    I hope that you all can find an opportunity to solve this issue.

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