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    We are happy to announce some major changes for the Connect Managed product.

    1. Centralized management of Connect agent configurations
    Control configuration of your Remote Desktop connections to managed computers directly through the web console. No more need to generate and install new agent builds or connect and configure settings on each computer manually, when you need to change how these connections should work - just set it up in the web console either on the global or on the company level, and required settings will be applied to affected computers automatically.

    2. Direct (authorized) access
    Connect to an open session on a managed computer without waiting for user confirmation, typing in any PINs or your system credentials. With this option enabled, you will be able to connect faster and avoid disrupting processes on remote computers during connection.

    3. Connect-only web console deprecated
    Users that purchased only Connect Managed and didn’t use any other managed products from MSP360 (like Backup or RMM) will now be presented with a complete web console and the same workflows that are in place for those who use Connect Managed in addition to Backup or RMM.

    4. Improved display of who connected to your computer
    For Connect Managed, now, if a connection is made to your computer, you can see not just the name of the computer from which the connection was made, but the details about the connected IT administrator - name, email and company.

    5. Paste text in remote sessions without sharing clipboard with remote computers
    If you disable clipboard sharing with remote computers for security reasons but still need to paste some texts in your remote sessions, for example a password or a web link, you can now do that without worrying that your sensitive information will be saved in the clipboard of a remote computer and get leaked from there. This capability is available both through Connect Web and through Connect desktop app.

    6. File transfer in Connect Web
    You can now transfer files between your computer and a remote computer when you connect through Connect Web - no need to start Connect desktop app to access this capability.

    7. Block screen and input devices on the remote computer in Connect Web
    If you don’t want other people behind the remote computer to see what you are doing in your remote Connect Web session or interfere with you work, you can now black out the screen and disable keyboard and mouse for them - no need to start Connect desktop app to access this capability.

    8. New Download tab and Add Computer wizard for Connect
    Enjoy unified simplified experience when you deploy Connect to new computers. Now, it should be a lot easier to understand what you need to download and install on which computers to start start connecting to your remote desktops.

    9. Other minor improvements and bugfixes

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