• Tom Simon
    Where are the setup instructions to add a Google Drive account to Explorer for Google Storage using a service account? I fumbled around and setup everything I could see that I thought was relevant, but when I connect I don't see anything on my Google Drive. There are lots of folders and files there.

    All I found is https://www.msp360.com/resources/blog/explorer-for-google-storage-authenticate-google-drive-with-service-account/ which is pretty scant on details.

    I think I need to correlate my Google project to my Drive.
  • David Gugick

    • Go to the Google admin console using the link in the article.
    • On left menu, navigate to APIs and Services - Credentials
    • Click Create Credentials - Service Account at the top of the screen and enter a service account name and account id
    • Click on the new Service Account and in the Keys section, click Add Key - Create New Key (JSON)
    • Save the key file to your hard drive

    Back in Explorer:
    • In the Drive account setup screen, enter the email address generated in the Google Admin console that was just created for the service account
    • Use the Import button to import the private key you just saved locally

    Next Steps:
    • Select the Drive account in Explorer and try and create a folder
    • If the Drive API is not enabled, you'll get a message with a URL to enable it
    • Copy the URL and go back to the Google Admin Console and enable the Drive API
    • Close CloudBerry Explorer and re-launch
    • You should now have full access

    If you have any issues, let us know.
  • Tom Simon
    I did all of those steps, but nothing shows up.

    Since I was told that Google Drive is no longer supported in Cloudberry Explorer, I am looking elsewhere. I need a supported product.

    Thanks so much for answering!
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