• Intelligent Retention Postponed
    Okay, thanks. We have RCS with Wasabi so we have the 30 day period. Didn't know that setting existed for the retention policy.
  • MSP360 Is Out
    Were there any other fixes in this version? Any release notes? It's frustrating when MSP360 releases an update without providing release notes. We have a handful of servers that don't auto-update properly and when pushed out the old client gets uninstalled and the new one doesn't get installed. So it's a bit of a pain to do updates since these servers have to be done manually. Without release notes we don't know if it's worth our time to jump to a particular update.
  • Low speed to restore local disk image
    Any release date? Is beta available?
  • Low speed to restore local disk image
    This is restoring an image backup from the new format to a VHDX file.

    After a week of trying and multiple jobs failing, a restore I was working on last week finally finished all the way without failing just yesterday. Total restore time was 29.5 hours to restore a 297GB VHDX file. That averages out to about 30mbps. Keep in mind this is on a 1000mbps up/down fiber line and I've seen up to 400mbps download from the S3 browser so it's not an Internet/Wasabi limitation we're dealing with.
  • Low speed to restore local disk image
    20 megabits per second. Never any faster than that. Restores from NAS drive are okay speed wise but could use some improvement too I think.

    One restore I did I had a cloud image restore running. Was going about 15-20 megabits per second. While that was running, I used the Cloudberry S3 browser to download the entire archive from Wasabi to my NAS drive. That download went about 400 megabits per second. I then attached to a different server and ran a restore from the NAS drive. That whole process of downloading the entire archive from Wasabi to NAS, then running restore from NAS finished before the cloud restore job, by a day.
  • Low speed to restore local disk image
    Restore speed been an issue for a while now. They keep saying it will improve but it hasn't. I'm in the middle of an image restore project right now and terribly slow. Have a fast server and 1gbps fiber download speed, yet restore is running at 15-20mbps. Then it errors out after 9 hours.

    I sure wish MSP360 had got backup and restore actually working before starting up their RMM business. I can't take much more of this.
  • Website Slow
    Today has been an absolute nightmare with mspbackups site. Are we going to see any resolution to this? We can't get from one page to another, saving jobs times out, getting "Something went wrong" message just trying to login. This is getting ridiculous.
  • File & Folder Restore Flaw with Deselected Folders
    I never heard back on this issue and it's still present in 7.2. If you deselect any folder within a root folder, it deconstructs the folder structure and makes selective restores a huge pain. There needs to be some sort of option to maintain original folder structure.
  • Retention for file based S3 backup (new format)
    Can you please clarify, if I have a file job set to Keep Backup for 1 Month with all GFS options disabled, does it purge files that have not been modified in over a month? Does it purge deleted files after 1 month?

    So say a file was created in 8/1/2021, I'm assuming it will get backed up, but if that file it is never modified, will it be purged after one month? The "Keep backup for" sounds a bit scary, it makes it sound like any file backed up will be deleted if not modified.
  • File & Folder Restore Flaw with Deselected Folders
    Point of clarification as I've done some more testing on this. This appears to only be an issue when restoring to a different destination. If original location is selected, folder structure is restored properly. If you select restore to specific location folder structure is not maintained. I've also tested now with and getting same results.
  • Time Discrepancies and Overdue Backups
    Strange. The issue is happening to us if we modify an existing job from the MSP dashboard. Then it starts doing the overdue thing. Even creating a brand new job that is scheduled to run later that day immediately goes to overdue.That issue does seem to be only SQL jobs.

    The other issue we are seeing is on any job if we go to history view, where it has the calendar and the green checks if you click on a specific job it shows the run time in UTC.

    Maybe two unrelated issues but both definitely having to do with UTC vs actual time zone we're in.
  • Time Discrepancies and Overdue Backups
    Are we the only ones seeing this?
  • Can't Edit "Local" Hybrid Job Without Switching to Cloud Account
    Any updates? This appears to still be an issue.

    In the meantime, is there any way through the local GUI on the server to enable both email alerts and event log entries?
  • Synthetic Full images support on USB and shares
    Is having separate image jobs setup, one to local drive using block level backup and one to cloud using Synthetic Full backup a valid method for setting up image jobs?
  • Exchange 2010 Mailbox restore
    This is a basic function of every other backup software we've used. I've now had to do three different full mailbox database restores just because I needed to restore a single user's mailbox or a date range of messages that were too difficult to select in the item level dialog. Restoring a 300GB database takes hours. Exchange restores still need a lot of work. I hope you guys are doing something with this.
  • Getting "Index was outside the bounds of the array" On File & Folder Backups
    I just sent off logs to support from one of the systems that got it. I get it on random systems each day. One day its 4-5 computers, the next day the error is gone on those but 4-5 new ones have it.
  • Delete Files from Cloud Storage from MSP Console
    Thanks Anton. That is the info I was looking for.
  • Amazon S3 Vs. BackBlaze B2
    Tom, I know your post is 4 months old but just wondering if you ended up migrating to S3 from B2 and how that went. We are having some of the same problems you mentioned with B2 and I definitely would consider a switch to S3. Also, did you do standard S3 or S3 IA? IA is at least a little closer in pricing to B2.