• Urgent - DATA drive on server not initialized after accidental restore
    If it was an image-based restore on a live working HDD then not much can be done here. I can only suggest to try and use some third-party tool to salvage anything you can from that disk.
    If it's available from another machine copying the data to a safe location, and returning the files there after initialization should work.
  • Problems with Google Nearline backups all of a sudden
    Looks like that was a temporary problem on Google Cloud's side, their services should be up and running now.
  • How can I get billed in UK £ s ?
    I presume you're talking about the managed control panel. You need to go to Settings > General section, and at the bottom of the page you'll see the currency drop-down menu.
  • Google Drive - scripting issue

    That's a known issue our R&D is working on.

    For now please use Service Account authentication as a workaround. Here's a guide from Google that should help with the setup.

    Here's the part you need.

    Note that we do not officially support Google Drive anymore, so this workaround is applicable to Google Cloud and not Drive.
  • Upgraded from Server 2008 to 2016 poor performance
    Hm, so do you currently have the latest version of the software installed on this 2016 machine? Checking out the logs would really help in performance-related cases like that, but before opening a support ticket try disabling the file cache:

    - Click Drive tray icon and choose Options
    - Select a mapped drive and press Edit > Edit advanced options
    - Uncheck "Use file cache" option
    - Find the cache directory in Options > Advanced
    - Navigate to that directory with Windows Explorer and delete all its contents
  • A couple of pet peeves - Backup History

    New UI should be introduced this year, but that's all behind the curtains for now. Added your feedback to the corresponding R&D task.

    Found the feature request you were talking about, I'll try to raise it's priority, but can't make any promises on it being implemented soon due to #1.
  • CBB does not send notifications.
    Better to open a support ticket regarding that, but most likely there's a problem with connecting to our Amazon SMTP servers, so before creating a ticket I suggest to make sure that AWS servers can be reached from your machine and is white-listed in your mail filter.
  • Cloudberry Drive
    Not familiar with this AV software, but usually adding the executable and cloud storage IPs is enough for 99% of such applications.
  • Limit exceeded and backup was not completed
    Removed the key from your post, because it's not safe to post such information here.

    Regarding your problem:
    1TB limit means that you can at any time have at most 1TB of data on the cloud account managed by CloudBerry Backup. E.g. you can upload 800 GB, then another 200GB, then delete 300GB but you can't exceed the limit of 1TB. The limit is imposed on Aug, 15 2014 and it doesn't affect any purchases made before.

    To be able to back up more than 1TB you need CloudBerry Backup Ultimate Edition.

    You can upgrade by paying the difference:

    If you're sure that your current data set doesn't exceed this limit you'd need to contact our support department.
  • How can I create a regular plan for consistency check of the backup in the webinterface?
    There are no consistency checks for Linux/Mac software. If you need to update the information about the files in the cloud via MBS panel you can go to to RMM > Remote management, click on the "gear" button, and select Edit > Options. There will be "repository" section where you can perform synchronization.

    Consistency checks are usually only needed if there's a chance that files are changed/deleted in the cloud and there's currently no way to schedule the sync process.
  • Error on Create Destination Path
    Looks unusual, so we would need you to create a ticket in our support system to troubleshoot that.
  • Amazon S3 Deleted Files and Cloudberry Backup
    Just points 1 & 3 or 2 & 3 will be enough.

    Make sure that all of the versioning is handled through our software via the retention policy and you should be good.
  • Cloudberry Drive
    Can you confirm that these issues only happen when the AV software is running?
  • Unable to create Cloudberry bootable USB
    The case has been escalated to our level 3 team, for now please continue communication in the ticket.
  • Pros and cons using encryption.
    So, for me as an individual user with no business critical data to back up, what are the risk if not using encryption when uploading files?Roger Averdahl
    Well, the main drawback is that unencrypted files can be accessed by someone/something else if handled incorrectly.

    If i go to File > Export Settings, are the Encryption password exported as well?
    If i go to File > Import Settings, will the Encryption password imported as well?
    Roger Averdahl

    Yes, encryption settings will be saved in a config file in an encrypted state.

    What are the main pros and cons with encryption?Roger Averdahl
    I guess I answered that question already, but the main advantage is more security in general, and the main disadvantage is that you won't be able to access the data if you lost the encryption password.
  • Error on Create Destination Path
    Try using this command via Terminal:

    sudo chown root:root /opt/local/Online\ Backup/OWNER-ID/plans

    Owner ID should be visible once you get to that location.
  • Cloud backup flow
    Where are the source files located at? Is this a situation where you're backing up files from another machine via network share? In that case the files will be first transferred to a machine where the software is installed and then the data is sent to the cloud.
  • Error on USB boot
    Yes, that's correct. If possible, make sure you're creating USB on one of the newer Operating Systems.

    Of, and in case it's a restore to a VM you can use this method, it's much easier:
  • Versioning - Full Backups and Large Datasets
    Yeah, full is required for proper purging of your data. The software only deletes old versions in chains of full + incrementals, so if retention is somehow misconfigured you'd end up with a lot of data that is not being purged. The best way to set it up is to run full backups more frequently.

    If there are problems with slow local upload speeds it's better to contact support regarding that, since it could be a technical problem.


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