• Public key for unattended access all the same?
    Oh, yeah, I just wanted to say that they are different all the time and ask what version you could get identical keys with. We never faced any issues like this.
  • Public key for unattended access all the same?
    That's right, and that's what I'm trying to show, they are always different, for every machine and every time you regenerate them. Please let me know if I'm missing something from the question.
    Thanks for the feedback! We'll take this into account.
  • Public key for unattended access all the same?
    As far as I understand, your biggest concern is about the keys not changing

    Here are the two keys and I'm not sure if they are equal:



    Please let me know what version do you use?
  • Feature requests
    Thanks for your suggestion, we'll definitely consider this.

    At the moment it works so, that we're reading all of your requests (that's me usually) and counting them in our bugtracker, that's how we prioritize them and understant that they are "important".

    We'll take your suggestion into account and discuss internally, thanks for your initiative.

    BTW, the biggest upcoming features are listed on the product page
  • How to Sign Up Photo Step by Step
    , ,

    This is the most complicated activation method actually, it was created for some very strict networks, who only want to whitelist a very short list of things.

    By design, there's no manual activation, the activation code is included with the name of the installation package and is executed automatically. However, we still show the activation code on the download page after you pressed "Download". Also, we have "I don't have activation code" button, which will also be way easier, as mentioned. Could you tell me why do you prefer this method?
  • Settings & Features Explanation Request
    Thanks for the feedback!

    You can unpin it (very left icon on the toolbar)
    You can restart it and in case unattended access is configured you'll be able to connect again, but we'll introduce some automatic solution for sure
    On the roadmap, we'll add this soon
    On the roadmap as well.

    Thanks a lot once again!
  • Run Cloudberry Remote Assistant as a service

    Remote Assistant starts as a service actually, (you may see CloudBerry Remote Assitant Service in services.msc) however Service Control Manager might be killing it in case your Network Service starts too slowly, we have improved this with the latest update (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>), could you upgrade and check if it's better now for you?

    All of the machines are saved in the history, see screenshot below, but we'll definitely improve the list in the future.

    File transfer in Remote Assistant can only be "pro-active" which means that you would need to "send" the files from one PC to another instead of trying to download them.

    Please let me know if you have any remaining questions.
  • Help us choose the next big feature
    No problem, thanks for the feedback.
  • Help us choose the next big feature
    The easiest way to do that would be to edit the display name on the host. Please go to Menu-->Options-->General, change the display name and establish one more connection. After that, the display name will be changed on the client as well.
  • Move command ICON
    We got a video showing the utmost part of the functionality, though, please check it out and let me know if you got any remaining questions:
    Perfect, thanks for the feedback!
  • Move command ICON
    Please try unpinning it (the very left icon), then it should fade away and only appear if you hold the mouse on it's place.
    Check the following video out:

    Please let me know if it's not too helpful.
    Could you explain what happens when you try to in more details?
  • Change CloudBerry computer ID
    Great, thanks for the feedback!
  • Help us choose the next big feature
    Thanks for the suggestion, we definitely got this on the roadmap and will implement it in future, we had a couple of obstacles and got a couple more at the moment, overall, I believe we'll get this done this year.
  • Registration failed:
    In case both the instances are on 1.7, this message means that we couldn't connect to our servers. Please check that you got your firewall open for ports 80 and 443 and

    Please let us know if this doesn't help.
  • lag
    Perfect, glad it worked for you!