• Direct connection coming soon!

    Thanks.. but do i still have to use the RA Compute rID & not IP address right. I was just wondering how RA decides if the RS Remote client is in the Internal network, NAT traversed etc
  • Help us choose the next big feature

    I would rather have it in the RA Client itself. that way more usable..
  • Service Key request failed.
    NM. resolved it myself..
  • Direct connection coming soon!

    Cna you please tell me how the internet direct connection works? what if the PC is behind a NAT? does it need to have its own Public IP (i guess)
  • Help us choose the next big feature
    Other features i'd also like to see are

    1. Show if the Remote Computer(s) is/are "online/offline"
    2. Easier way to Switch between Multiple Monitors (Say using the Arrow Key or an Icon)
    3. Save "Auto Hide" setting. it becomes pinned all the time and needs to be enabled every session
  • Feature requests

    yes i meant RA own PIN.
  • Feature requests

    What i meant was when i Use the PIN mode, why cant it automatically log me into the windows session? i use the pin to gain access & i had to enter the windows user password again to work on the remote computer

    clipboard history - you can ignore it..
  • [Release notes] Remote Assistant 1.7
    please try uninstalling & reinstall..
  • Feature requests
    6. When i use the PIN to login, it asks for the Windows Login. can this not be integrated?
  • Feature requests
    there are a couple of things i think might be useful

    1. Minimize to tray on clicking the "X" or close button
    2. Remote Update - update remote client version if its older
    3. add a library of remote clients under a common user - there by if i log in with that account i can see all my remote clients
    4. Clipboard history
    5. Direct LAN - LAN connections with IP address