• Immutable Backups
    Also very interested in immutable backups. Especially seeing other storage providers like Backblaze now support it.
  • Manually Decrypting Files
    Sorry for taking so long to get back on this. I just checked the bucket and I believe versioning/file history is called "Lifecycle" and it is enabled. Currently trying to find out how it works and if the files are still restore-able. Might be a bit difficult since the file names are encrypted so I can't tell what's what.
  • Manually Decrypting Files
    I may have to do that then (open a ticket) as the computer names are different but I made sure to use the same backup prefix (otherwise I wouldn't have seen any data to restore even partially).

    I'm wondering if what happened is that the data entries were removed from the repository but data/files themselves weren't actually, physically deleted from Backblaze. I've tried synchronizing it on the new system several times but nothing really changes.That said, the amount of storage used in the Backblaze bucket has only increased in the meantime. This should definitely not be the case as the total size of the backup is only ~20GB and files in question would've taken up probably 2-4 GB on their own (and the user doesn't add that much in data between months).
  • Monthly Licensing? How?!?
    Not OP but to piggy-back off of this, does everyone have this capability now (it just needs to be enabled)? Is there any price difference between monthly/yearly?
  • Feature Request: Expanded Backup Retention Policies
    Well string me silly that's great news. Any idea on when it might be usable? I noticed the article mentioned it's currently AWS-only. Any likelihood of it being available for B2/Azure/etc in the future?
  • MBS + B2 - 7% Discrepancy in Storage Reporting
    Sorry for taking so long to get back to this. I've grabbed some screenshots from a couple of accounts (all of them are like this but for space I've just included a couple).

    The first shot of each group you can see what the storage is in MBS and the second is in the Backblaze control panel and is what is actually getting billed out each month. It's consistently around a 7% difference give or take maybe .1% and it seems that no matter what backup options I apply it's always that 7% difference so I'm not sure where the discrepancy is at.


  • MBS + B2 - 7% Discrepancy in Storage Reporting
    It's for everything as far as I can tell. MBS' numbers all align very closely with one another (to be expected due to the approximation you mentioned) but all of those numbers are almost always ~7% less than what the storage in B2 shows. I can run consistency checks, same thing. Storage reports, same thing. Looking at the capacity report, same thing. I'll try and grab some screenshots later today but again, from what I can tell, the discrepancy is present everywhere.
  • Feature Recommendation: Log error message in EventLog records.
    Hi David,

    In my experience there is always an error message whenever a backup/restore fails. The messages can be things like:

    "The remote name could not be resolved: ''"
    "Cannot access X file(s) because they are being used by another process"
    "Warning. One or more backup paths don't exist"

    These messages are included in the email notifications if they are set up but they are not included in the Windows Event Log entry. Having this functionality would be beneficial as it can be used to trigger varying automated actions based on what error occurs.

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