• Steve Putnam
    Just a heads up for anyone who uses Google storage - Nearline or Coldline in particular.
    As of 10/01/22, The price of one gigabyte of Nearline storage will increase 50%, from $.01 to .015 per month.
    We have 20 TB of Nearline storage, So in October, our bill would go up by roughly $100 a month.
    The price of Coldline storage is only increasing from .007 to .00825 per GB per month.
    So in anticipation of this, we implemented a lifecycle rule that moves data from Nearline to Coldline after 90 days.
    The Transaction cost to move from Nearline to Coldline is currently a penny per thousand objects but that will double as of 10/01.
    We calculated the payback time frame to be about four months.
    Bottom line, anyone who uses Google storage for client’s backups should seriously consider implementing a rule to move from Nearline to Coldline now, rather than after the new rates are in effect.
    There is also an archived tier that is actually decreasing as of October 1 from .004 to .0024/GB. however it is five cents per thousand objects to move to Archive tier.
    Would be happy to work with anyone on their specific situation.
  • David Gugick
    Thanks Steve! There’s some indication in the Google post that storage transfers may be free until end of year. I don’t know if that includes moving objects between storage tiers, but it’s worth investigating. https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/infrastructure/updates-to-google-clouds-infrastructure-pricing
  • Steve Putnam
    Thanks David,
    My understanding is that the suspension of the transfer fees only applies to the bulk data conversion from another backend platform . Not sure why anybody would want to do that given the much lower cost of Wasabi and Backblaze.
    I suspect very few people use Google, and in this case that’s a good thing. I just wonder how many people are using standard Amazon S3 for backups, instead of one zone IA - $.023 vs .$01.
  • Steve Putnam
    In any event, I am offering free consultation regarding backend storage cost as I am familiar with and use Wasabi, BackBlaze, Google, and Amazon.
  • David Gugick
    I personally don't run into too many customers using one zone IA. I think it's because it's not replicated within the data center like other storage classes. And we do have a lot of customers that just use S3 standard. It's easy for most of our customers to manage and mark up the storage so it's profitable without overcharging customers, even when they're paying for that storage class.
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