• Stephen Spencer

    I have cloudberry installed on a number of pc's/laptops, however I have recently reset a desktop PC to factory settings and re installed cloudberry.

    I have no problem accessing the computer but when I try to install a programme onto the desktop PC it shows "Screen Sharing is paused by remote computer"

    Does anybody know whu this is??

    I've never had this happen to me before.

    Thank you in Advance,

  • Gleb
    Hey , this seems to be related to RA Service malfunctioning on the remote PC.
    Please try this:
    - Winkey+R > services.msc
    - Find CloudBerry Remote Assistant service
    - Restart it

    After that the error message is supposed to not appear anymore (unless the connection is actually paused by the remote computer).

    Please keep us posted whether this helps or not
  • KimTyson
    I have a machine that I am migrating from Teamviewer to Cloudberry. I am getting this message. Could it be due to the Teamviewer software still on the remote PC?
  • Gleb
    nope, Teamviewer is not related to this (as far as I'm aware). Check out my suggestion above, it seems to fix the issue, at least for some time
  • Phyzzo
    I have exact same problem (windows 10). I do not have "CloudBerry Remote Assistant" in services, but i have Remote Assistant Service. I have tried to restart this service... without succes. Other solution? :( thanks
  • Sergey N
    Hello, are you installing the software remotely or locally?
  • wgtt911
    I am new to Cloudberry Remote Assistant and I have having similar issues. Sometimes the apps running on the remote PC do not respond to mouse clicks.. Not all the apps just some.. I can't end the app using Task manager as it doesn't respond to mouse clicks. Can't end process using services and I can't scroll down the window. Also can't install an application remotely as it has the same effect, just hangs and can't press next or cancel... Anyone else seen this and able to correct it?
  • Sergey N

    It really looks like UAC intervene or some kind of session issue. Are you using the Unattended Access ?
  • wgtt911
    Yes I am using Unattended but pretty sure UAC is OFF... but I'll check again.. thanks for the response.
  • Sergey N
    Let me know how it goes, thank you.
  • wgtt911
    I think are you on to something.. at home I remoted from one PC to another and brought up UAC, which was set to never notify, and the screen hung. Next I cleared that and remoted again and brought up Task manager and it again hung. Same with trying to install or uninstall pgms. For now I'll just avoid doing these things. Strange thing is I was able to bring up a CMD window and do a shutdown restart thinking that would clear it up but it said "Screen Sharing is paused by remote computer" Thanks for the follow up and if you have other things to try let me know
  • Sergey N
    Hello, glad to hear that we at least have a minimal understanding of the possible issue. From our side, I can promise you that we will try to research other possible ways to handle UAC requests, this is really tricky stuff and we will definitely need some time. Let us know if you see something interesting, thank you.
  • Orlando Castañeda
    @Stephen Spencer Hola, yo solucione varios problemas con el procedimiento que sugiere @Gleb. Logre que CloudBerry Remote Assistant se ejecutara cuando inicia Windows, que el servicio se inicie automáticamente y que no muestre el mensaje "Screen Sharing is paused by remote computer" asi:

    - Instalar en el cliente CloudBerry Remote Assistant Full Version.
    - En CloudBerry Remote Assistant>Options>incoming conections>Default access level> select Full Control

    - Winkey+R > services.msc (Para abrir servicios de Windows)
    - Busque Remote Assistant service y abra con Doble Click
    - En la pestaña de Recuperación> Primer Error : Select Ejecutar un programa
    - En programa escribir la ruta C:\Program Files\Remote Assistant\Remote Assistant.exe y Aceptar

    Luego de esto Reinicie Windows y CloudBerry Remote Assistant se ejecutara automáticamente en segundo plano y estará listo para recibir conexiones entrantes. Todo este procedimiento toca hacerlo solo porque el servicio no se carga automáticamente!!
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