• Waco John
    My product is titled "Remote Desktop" Freeware Build . I am very new to it. When I connect remotely to another computer, I "mostly' lose a lot of mouse focus on the remote machine. I can point at their taskbar, but it does not raise and can't launch icons on desktop. Cannot access Start button, or open Explorer ...to name a few. Have to ask them to do it. All connections are W10 to W10. Lose focus on other things too. Any help/suggestions are appreciated.

    The other problem is getting their screen to match mine. I can ditz around with resolution settings, but can't get anything that is completely satisfactory. Any tips with that would also be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  • David Gugick
    You can adjust the screen resolution to fit using the option in the toolbar. Just look for an icon with a tooltip called "Scaled View" in the toolbar. Looks like 4 arrows stretching out from the center. That should do what you need.

    Regarding remote access, check to make sure the Options - Incoming Connection - Miscellaneous - Default Access (Full or View Only) is set on the remote system. You may be in View Only mode. If you are, you can request Full Access using the menu - Request Full Access option.

    If you already know you have full access, then we may need some additional information,
  • Waco John
    tooltip called "Scaled View"David Gugick

    Thank you Sir. Will give that a try. I will have to wait for an opportunity to connect again.

    Options - Incoming Connection - Miscellaneous - Default Access (Full or View Only) is set on the remote system.David Gugick

    On the REMOTE system, That might have been the problem.

    you can request Full Access using the menuDavid Gugick

    Good to know. Thank you very much.
  • Waco John
    had an opportunity to try your suggestions. To my surprise, it worked perfectly and I did nothing that I hadn't tried before. All is well that ends well, and thank you again. We can close this thread as solved.
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