• Informing about missing features
    Hello .
    As a matter of fact, CloudBerry Remote Assistant is a freeware and we are going to keep the free version (no plans to remove it) along with the paid version (that is coming in the mid-term future).

    The features are described on the product page of our main website, please check them out.
  • Using two screens
    , I suppose it will come later this year - we don't have a more precise ETA, sorry
  • Missing OneDrive backup
    Hello , we have no plans to support OneDrive on macOS, sorry.
  • Using two screens
    Hello . Currently using 2 screens at once is not supported yet, but we are going to add it in one on the future updates.
  • All Backups Stuck in Running Mode
    That's a separate issue, non-Managed Backup does not interact with CloudBerry servers during backup/restore operations.

    Please open a support ticket by sending the diagnostics (Tools > Diagnostics).
    Thanks in advance
  • Informing about missing features
    , we are still in the middle of the making this decision so it's too early to claim something specific. But let me assure you:
    - We are looking at the competition and learning from their mistakes
    - We are also listening to our customers (both potential and existing) and to the IT community as a whole

    I believe we will make a public announcement once things settle down
  • Informing about missing features
    , gotcha, thanks. This feature is on our roadmap for the near future, although I am not sure whether it will be available in the freeware version or only in the paid version.
  • Informing about missing features
    Hey , what kind of information do you want to be displayed there?
  • Unable to Open Cloudberry on new external harddrive
    please check out my last answer above
  • 2 Plans don't run at the same time?
    Hi , yes, it is supposed to be resolved by now. Please use the Feedback button in the top control menu to send the diagnostics to our Support Team.
    Thanks for understanding
  • Unable to Open Cloudberry on new external harddrive
    Hi , thanks for the details.
    I just want to add this:

    Most of CloudBerry Backup for macOS configurations are stored under "/opt/local/CloudBerry Backup/config" - just moving them from the old HDD to the new one will be enough to "adopt" them.

    Make sure to check if everything is set correctly, just in case!
  • Unable to launch GUI in linux mint cinnamon
    Hello , looks like this is a known issue - it is under investigation now, no workaround available yet.
    To say for sure we will need the diagnostics, please use the CLI: /opt/local/CloudBerry\ Backup/bin/cbb sendLog - e -m "forum: Unable to launch GUI in linux mint cinnamon"

    Thanks in advance
  • Remote assistant linux
    exactly this is in the development now. I will put your email to the other notification list as well. When there is a beta version of the products to show, we will inform you.
  • So far so Good
    Hello ,

    This is correct, the setting doesn't get saved yet.
    We are going to add that in one of the future updates.

    Please let us know if there's anything else is missing in the product
  • Remote assistant linux
    Hey , thanks for your vote! Let me know if I should add your email to the notification list
    Hi , please use Menu > Diagnostic to send the diagnostic info to our Support Team (this will open a support ticket right away). Thanks in advance
    Hi , yes, we consider drag and drop for the future development
  • Elevated Permissions
    Hi , I'd recommend you run Remote Assistant on the end user side as a service - this requires connecting through Unattended Access. Here's a howto (it's a little bit outdated, Encryption is not mandatory in this case anymore).
    In this case you should be able to interact with the UAC prompt, including entering the admin credentials.
  • Keyboard lost
    Hi , sounds like some control key is being stuck (Alt, Ctrl, Win-key or something else). We have fixed this in the upcoming update, please make sure to update as soon as it's available (there's a button for update in the menu) and let us know if the issue persists.
  • Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    Hi , no plans just yet but we are discussing this as a possible development path for the mid-term future.
    Just in case, there's an unofficial docker image right here, maintained by someone who is not an affiliate of ours:


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