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    I to asked a similar question some 3 months ago:-

    I am still waiting for a response on that post.
  • Restoring Backup Plans
    Many tx for your help,...
    ah,.. that's the step I am missing,...
    I have to go-to 'backup', and enter/select the path to my backups,.. and press Cancel!
    MS360 then actually goes of to read all the configs under this structure,. and then presents them for 'plan restore', if it finds all the required configs etc. and I select the file under the configuration folder.

    Question? should this be the option that appear under 'Restore plans',.. then give the user the choice to select a given/offered config to restore? So do the initial search for the config file then offer to restore them?

    Having sorted this little 'none-intuitive' step out, my plans have all appeared and work perfectly, and pickup where they left off...
    I have now done an 'export configuration' for the next time I rebuild my system.

    .. thankyou..
  • Restoring Backup Plans
    Tx for getting back David
    I have not registered for storage account...
    My backups go to essentially a local file system, albeit an automounted nfs file system.
    All the backups are intact.. From the last time the backups ran.
    So the question I guess, how do I point my actual backups., to get the config info back into the new root file system where cbb in installed...
    BTW.. The menus on the left have nothing in or under them..
  • Restoring Backup Plans
    David,.. this is my i/f window,.... the plans and storage options do not do anything particular,.. other than when mouse hovers over option a '+' sign appears,.. this will activate to hide and show more detail,.. ( of which there is nothing)
    but backup storage has no 'hot' spots for other command options... as far as I can see....
    As I said previous,.. the File = > Restore plans => ? menu option has no submenu to select an option to actually restore a plan..
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  • Restoring Backup Plans
    Many tx for the replay David,..but I am a little confused,.. the Linux I/f does not have a backup tab,.. as I would call it,.. just options to select a backup restore,.. settings and Feedback,..

    the file menu to restore plans does not descend to a secondary menu option,....
    This assumes you saved the backup plans with the backup data in the original plans. If not, you'll need to recreate the plan.
    these options were definitely set within the plans,.. I just need to be able to point the current install to them,.. however this is done.. if that makes sense...
  • Internal CBB Database backup
    Tx for your response Matt,
    So all the full backup and incremental data flags, and the actual data of course,.. are stored within the structure of each back tree location?
  • Full and incremental backups
    Hi Anton,.. Tx for responding,.. but I am a little more confused,...
    Are you saying,. I cannot create a 'full Backup',.. unless I create a new plan... ie new destination folder?
    As currently all CBB creates is incremental type backup from the initial,.. 'full backup',..

    How do I create the rolling incremental/ full and weekly type backup shown in the docs here:-
    and the spec. stuff here:-
    That talks about "Full, incremental, block-level backups"

    I only backup to a local network storage resource,.. so space and bandwidth is not an issue,.. I just want a complete backup to be stored,.. somewhere else.... and I certainly am not interested in restoring months of incrementals,.. a week at most.

    or am I missing something.
  • Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    sorry,.. let me try again... If I have a backup container,.. say a disk '/mnt/backups',.. I would like to just reference that one container,.. and place all created backups under that structure,.. but differentiate them by placing/creating a different sub-folder,.. eg /mnt/Backup2/My-Documents, and /mnt/Backups2/Pictures, and /mnt/Backups2/Videos,.. or does this blow tracking/restore philosophy away?
  • Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    when creating a backup-plan,.. selecting a a local storage location,.. eg: /mnt/Backups... I would then like the ability to create a new folder within than structure to store to... and not create a new backup location for each backup.
  • Can I resize a Linux Ubuntu Window
    Appreciate your comments re 'plan',.. but I would have thought with any project of this complexity you must have some sort of plan so that everyone in the development side knows where you are aiming for,.. Yes I really do know plans can change,.. as issues (bugs), important customer features are found/required in the field,.. but that's the nature of programming and product development.

    Yes, the link,.. that's useful info Gleb,.. but can you PM me as again,.. I did not receive a notification of an update on this thread,.. Something is wrong with the notification side of things,.. as when I last checked my PM data was correct.

    Many tx
    Mark,.. with an H
  • Can I resize a Linux Ubuntu Window
    Gleb,.. Many tx for responding,...
    Curious,.. I did not receive a notification,.. it would seem 'Mark' received my email for some reason,.. my notifications in setting 'appear' to be correct and my email is correct,.. something is 'funny' with the forum notifications I suspect. ( there maybe security issues,.. I don't know ).
    Anyway,.. your actual response,.. I have found the web page stuff,.. although I would have preferred to use the application window,.. which does seem to waste a lot of screen real-estate,.. and changing to a web interface is not ideal,..
    Is there an outlook to 'fix' this use/waste of screen area... one thing that is putting me off purchasing is there seems, ( I am more than happy to be corrected ) not to be a plan of what is being / going to be fixed,.. is this on git-hub? a development plan if you like,.. yes I know they change,. they are always evolving,.. but they are at least a start point,.. or something similar?
    Having said my piece,.. I do appreciate your response.. many tx
  • Using VSS to backup an active pst file from Ubuntu
    HI Gleb,.. Tx for the feedback,.. Yes,.. your manual process does seem to work... Pause the VBox m/c,.. copying the files within Linux.. to /tmp... then backing the /tmp pst file just copied...
    Copying the pst files directly still fails.. which I don't really understand why... I guess there is some sort of file locking going on...
  • Cannot resize window on Ubuntu 18.04
    Tx David,.. That seems to have fixed the start-up window issue,.. I can now register ( as I can see the buttons needed ), and get to the main admin window.
    However I still cannot resize the main window, even though it is now possible to create a backup,..and there are only icon to collapse or kill the window,.. ie there is no 'full size icon'.
    If I then go on to create a backup and select a destination,.. I get the list of places to store to,..
    Now the 1st time I called this list,.. the window extended the full extent of the screen,.. ie with lots of blank lines at the bottom,.. however subsequent calls to this menu have produced a normal list. ( strange,.. but just an observation ).
    Additionally when I go to choose the folders I wish to back up the folder structure is incorrectly represented,.. its 'just screwy',.. see pictures attached.
    On the plus side,.. I have created a successful plan, that does seem to be working,..
    And Diner last night was good,.. I followed a new Dolsot Bibimbap recipe I found on youtube... tasted great with some wine!! :smile:
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  • Cannot resize window on Ubuntu 18.04
    Tx,.. That edit should not be a problem,.. I'll give it a go later,.. ( busy cooking diner at the moment :razz: ).
    But many tx for prompt response