• Compatable With Hosted Exchange?
    That is correct. It is not. Thanks for the information. Very helpful.
  • Compatable With Hosted Exchange?
    Thanks David. Yes, this is a shared Exchange server. It is Hosted Exchange and as such we don't manage the entire Exchange server. I would prefer not to rely on the solution provider as a failure of both the Hosted Exchange and the Hosted Exchange backup would seem to be more likely having the same provider supply both. The use of Outlook to copy the email files to PST are interesting though I presume that the backup would be slower and larger as a new PST file may be created daily. Would like to include the backup of not only email but contacts, calendars, Notes, and OneDrive as well if possible.
  • Execute Following Plan After Backup Completes - New Format
    Thank you Alexandar! I see this in the UI but thought that someone mentioned that this feature should not be used yet. I may be wrong. Have you or have others used this feature in MSP360 v7 New Format with success? Any best practices regarding this feature?
  • Execute Following Plan After Backup Completes - New Format
    Any feedback concerning this question? We would like to chain backups together using the MSP360 version 7 and the New Format backups if this is ready for use.
  • Restore verification - Status: Warning
    Thanks David. Yes we are sending and receiving notification emails. There is a small broken image icon just below the line that says Status: Warning.
  • Multiple Image Restore Problems
    I would submit a ticket with support. We have been doing a fair amount of new format bare metal image restore tests. We had some issues early on (not sure if they were our fault or not). Lately they have all completed successfully. Any way of determining if the download speed you are getting is due to MSP360 vs. Wasabi? We are obviously getting much faster results restoring from a NAS vs. the cloud.
  • Server Backup Best Practices for Combined File / Image Backups
    Thanks for the helpful information David! If you don't mind, I have a few more questions:
    • Should non-OS related folders in the C drive be backed up as part of the Files backup plan?
    • When doing New Format Files backup, should we skip system volume folders, and have them only be backed up via the image backup? In our case, the server has a folder on the D drive called "System Volume Information"
    • Would you recommend we select the option "Do not backup up system and hidden files" in the New Format Files backup plan?
    Thank you for your assistance!
  • Managed Backup Console - Help Menu - Open New Tab
    Glad to hear. Good idea. Thanks.
  • How to test bare metal restore using Hyper-V on PC
    We too would like to test bare metal restore using Hyper-V on PC.

    It looks like this blog was has a lot of helpful information in it on this topic:

    Is anyone using this feature actively or testing it on a regular basis to weigh in on how reliable it is? Does anyone have any tips or suggestions that they could share which are not found in the blog article?
  • Managed Backup Console - Help Menu - Open New Tab
    The functionality that I am suggesting is the same as what happens when we click on the What's New link from the Managed Backup Console. In this case a new What's New tab opens while leaving the user with the Managed Backup Console tab open.
  • Expected Data Usage Compared to Drive Size
    Thank you for your explanation. Your approach looks like it has some real benefits, and we will keep your kind offer in mind!
  • Backup plan runs successfully, but files are no backed up.
    Are you running a files and folders or are you running an image backup?
  • attempt to write a readonly database
    This has probably already been resolved, but for someone coming along afterwards, we just had a similar issue when trying to access the Backup Storage tab. Our solution was to uninstall the agent (which is version, and to reinstall the same version. After the reinstallation, the issue was no longer present.
    Hope this helps!
  • Expected Data Usage Compared to Drive Size
    Thanks Steve. This is helpful.

    You mentioned "...and you can exclude the data folders from the image backup since you are already backing up the files separately." What do you mean when you say this" I can't picture what type of files you are suggesting can be excluded.
  • Delete Cloud Data When No Longer Using A Backup Plan
    Hi David,

    Any further information on this subject? We would like to be able to delete all backup information relative to a no longer used backup plan stored on a local storage device and/or stored in a Wasabi bucket. One use case is the upgrading of backup plans to the New Format plans. After making the New Format backups, keeping the backup data from the old format plan for the normal retention period, we would like to delete this data from the backup storage location.
  • How do you guys handle the Users tab?
    We use one per end customer
  • CLI: Usefulness and Experiences
    Some things that would be interesting to be able to do:
    Push MSP360 out to one or more computers via RMM with a silent install
    Modify a plan option, i.e. change retention settings, add an Exclusion, change a schedule
    Query the backup plan for last status and complete date/time
    Run a backup plan off-schedule

    I just looked at:

    This makes me think that most or all of the things I listed above may be possible via the cli.

    Are there any best practices related to cli that are available to help get us started?
  • Reporting to provide customer
    Thanks. I missed that dropdown. That helps us!