• Custom reports and monitoring alerts, plus error/event log blocking
    Hi ,

    RMM reporting is still in work. It is coming in one of the next versions.

    As for the event logs filtering, right now it is possible to filter them out by categories.
    You can see only the errors or warnings. I will bring your request to our dev team to add more granular filtering there.

    In the next version, we changed a bit the antiviral warning and added a new functionality there. Its release is planned for next Monday. Please keep an eye on the "What's new" section in your MBS account.

    We truly appreciate your feedback!
  • discontinue backup to OpenStack starting December 1st. 

    Indeed, MSP360 announced a strategic decision to discontinue support of the following storage providers:
    Aruba Cloud
    Dream Objects
    OpenStack platforms
    Oracle Cloud
    Think On

    After December 1, 2020, the support and further development of these storages will no longer continue.
    All backups made before this date will be available for restore. However, we can no longer guarantee that MSP360 Backup will work smoothly with those storages.
    Please consider using one of the following storage providers:
    Amazon S3
    Microsoft Azure
    Backblaze B2
    Google Cloud Platform

    We are ready to provide any assistance to make this transition seamless for you.
  • Wasabi Data Deletion Charges
    Hi ,

    Please send me the direct message with your current retention policy settings for I could review them and recommend how to tweak them to avoid the Wasabi deletion fee.

    Thank you.
  • NAS storage account and full check of files
    Hi ,

    In case if the former folder structure of your NAS remains the same and all client computers have the same access with the same paths as before, when you re-enable access to the NAS, the MBS clients should continue backups from the moment when you blocked it. You can run repository sync to update the information about your ''new" storage account.
  • Cloudberry backup getting failed
    Hi ,

    Have you already contacted our support team regarding this issue?
    If not, please send the diagnostic information from this computer to our support department so that we can investigate the problem and suggest a possible solution to resolve it. Thank you.
  • BackBlaze Confusion
    Hi ,

    Let me explain where this confusion comes from. In the versions before v.6.0.0, we stored the backups using a colon sign in the path (C:). Then, due to some technical issues, and to make things easier for seeding and export (using external appliances like Snowball, Wasabi Ball, B2 Fireball), we started to use a dollar sign in the path (C$). That's why you can see these two different formats (C: and C$). These backups were made by different versions of the software.
  • How to Ensure Local Backups While Cloud Backup Runs

    Thank you for the clarification.
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to start an image-based backup plan if another image-based plan is running.
    We are going to change that behavior in one of the future releases.
    If you'd like, we can notify you once we change that.
    Please send me your email address in the private message.
  • How to Ensure Local Backups While Cloud Backup Runs
    Hi ,

    Could you please clarify a bit your use case? Are you talking about a hybrid backup plan?
    If so, the possible solution here could be splitting the hybrid job into two different backup plans: one pointing to local storage and another to cloud storage.
    With the hybrid backup plan, there is no way to start the local backup before the software finishes to upload the data to cloud storage.
  • Alert when someone signs into Local Backup Console
    Hi ,
    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.
    We sincerely appreciate it because it helps us build a better product.
    I will address a request for this feature to our dev team to put it on our roadmap.

    Thank you once again. We appreciate your time and your input.
  • Backup failure
    Hi ,

    Please make sure that the user which credentials you specified while login into the backup application has at least one backup destination attached. Please refer to the MBS Help section to get more information about how to configure a backup destination for an MBS user

    Hope this helps.
  • Problem restoring selected folder from system image backup
    Hi ,

    In your case, you can try to restore your image-based backup as a virtual disk and then mount this disk to the new OS. You can restore the entire image as well as selected partitions only.
    Please refer to our blog section to get more information about this type of restore

    Hope this helps.
  • Need Stable version of MSP Backup software
    Hi ,
    Did you contact our professional support team to resolve this issue?
  • Delete file offline
    Hi ,
    Sorry for the slow reply.

    One of the best approaches to free up your storage space is to set correctly the retention policy for your data. The software will delete unnecessary data automatically.
    Please refer to our blog section to get more details about the retention policy settings

    Also, you can get more information about how to use AWS S3 storage as a backup destination at

    Hope this helps.
  • Restore Verification (beta)
    Hi ,

    During the Restore verification process, we create a virtual machine and emulate its disk. When the running OS requests the parts it needs to start, the software downloads them. So, it is only the data needed to boot the virtual machine.
  • set masterpassword with cli
    Hi ,

    1. If the master password already exists for the console, you can enable the CLI protection with the same password
    cbb consolemanager -mpCLI yes -cp "password"

    2. If you would like to set a master password for the console and the CLI to a new installation
    cbb consolemanager -p "password" -c "password" -mpCLI yes

    3. To reset the master password
    cbb consolemanager -rmp -cp "password"
  • Help pease

    Could you please clarify what product are you talking about? MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup or MSP360 Explorer?
    MSP360 Explorer is just a file manager to work with the files that you have in the cloud storage. It is not a backup solution.
    If you need to back up your data, you should use MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup.

    And it looks like you used a free version that has some limitations. You can activate a 15 days trial period of fully functional version. You can do it in two ways:
    1. right after installation at the first launch you can choose the trial version.
    2. if you have already enabled free version, you can switch to trial in the Licensing section of the main menu.
  • Trouble displaying files from Google Cloud Storage

    We would need to investigate the diagnostic information from that computer to know more about possible reasons for that behavior. 
    Could you please send us the log files? To send the diagnostic info please go to the Feedback section. Put a brief description of the issue and click the send button. The logs will be sent to our support team automatically. 

    Thank you.
  • Trouble displaying files from Google Cloud Storage

    At first glance, the reason for you can't see the files in the software is that the local repository was not synchronized. Please try to synchronize it and see if it will resolve the issue.
    You can find this option in Settings -> Application -> Synchronize repository.
    Then choose your cloud storage account and hit the "Synchronize Now" button.
  • Cloudberry to AWS - Splitting Folder into C: and C$, D: and D$, why?

    Starting from version 6.0 we changed a backup path format.
    The path "D:" in your case, contains the data that you have backed up with version 5.9 and below.
    In earlier versions, we created the path using a colon ":", and now use the dollar sign "$" instead.

    So, when you delete the path "D$" and re-start the backup plan, the software just re-creates it from scratch. In case if you'd like to get rid of the old data, you should delete "D:".

    However, we do not recommend to delete anything manually!
    Please contact our support team to make it correctly.
  • Remote assist is logging out the remote PC

    Thank you for clarification.
    Did you contact our support team on this issue?
    If not, could you please send the Diagnostic information to our support department for we can have a look at what's going wrong?
    Thank you.