• Remote assist is logging out the remote PC
    Hi all,
    In the new version, we changed the connection method in case of Unattended access. Login without windows authorization in this mode is now impossible.
    In the meantime, it should not log out but just switch desktop. The session should remain unchanged, and do not end. All applications should continue to work.
    PIN connection works as before.
  • Restore verification for image backups
    Hi ,
    Thanks for the screenshot. It explains the confusion.

    The Restore verification option is available only for the Standalone version, which you can see on our web site and which is supposed for internal use.
    As far as I can see, you are using the MBS version, which comes from your web console.

    We haven't implemented yet the Restore verification in the MBS version. It is already on our roadmap, but I can't tell you any ETA for now.
    You can send me your contacts in a private message, and we would let you know once this option is implemented in the MBS backup agent.

    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you,
  • Restore verification for image backups
    Hi Carlos,
    Thanks for your interest in our product.

    The restore verification feature allows you to check backup integrity before the full backup restore to a real Windows machine. This feature is in beta version and we would appreciate any feedback you can share.

    To get more details about the Restore verification, please read this article in our help section

    Thank you,


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